The Lefujah brand is an embodiment of everything stylish and mature. Our passion is for our clients to experience the simplicity, elegance and sophistication that is in the Lefujah DNA. Every piece of item off our racks is pure testimony to our devotion to quality, comfort and distinction. Even though we cater predominantly to women fashion, we have a little decent and exotic thing going for men on the side.

To be in the top 10 most referenced fashion outlet and clothing line brand in Nigeria by 2022.

To propagate the confidence and beauty that comes out of depth of style and breadth of decency.


Relationship:We believe in creating bonds that are beneficial, inspiring and lasting. This is reflected in the tone of our communication and the warmth of our exchanges.

Trust:Success is short lived where there’s no trust. We build the trust of others in us by creating an enabling atmosphere that supports theirs.

Creativity:Creativity is the oxygen that drives our operations. We believe in the full expression of the capacity to create and achieve more.

Freedom:We believe in the freedom of all to choose empowering paths and options that support powerful lives


We are confidence merchants. We supply fashionable wears that accentuate your individual style in a way that respects decency, sophistication and elegance.

We follow the trail of perfection to uncommon markets and unusual places just to bring you distinct collections that distinguish you.

We make your pockets comfortable as we bring you quality at an affordable price.

We are your friendly fashion store. And your body loves it in our wears.